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two hearts, one story.
We are partners in life who are fortunate enough to share a passion for photography, which has enabled us to become partners in work as well.
We're nature-lovers, people lovers and we also really love each other! Our varied styles and personalities create a perfect synergy: bringing to our shoots both the feminine and the masculine, the emotion and the technique; the close-up and the far away.


has been a photographer since he was about 10 with a Brownie Box camera and a dark-room in his bedroom. He has had a wide range of careers but finally found his passion with photography. Alan has two loves (besides Perri): his telephoto lens that allows him to photograph discreetly from a distance and his macro lens that gets him up close to all the minute details of life!
Alan, as you might guess, is the more technical side of the partnership. You can talk to him for hours about camera gear and computers (but don't worry he won't bring it up unless you do!)
Alan Wain photographer
Perri Wain Vibrant Imaging


has dabbled in photography since high school, studied Fine Arts and Ceramics at college, then went on a spiritual journey that took her to Japan and Malaysia as well as many other places. Once she met Alan, she settled down and now lives close to nature on their 42-acre piece of paradise in Uki. Rediscovering her love of photography, she thrives on the story-telling aspects of photography and the connections it creates with others. She's always trying to capture that elusive moment with the best composition. Perri loves the whole editing process and presenting the images in a beautiful flow through the creation of slideshows and albums.

Our efforts for the environment

Without a healthy planet all the other wonderful things in life will fade away. All our efforts, no matter how small, are a step towards restoring a healthy loving relationship with our mother Earth. We use grid-feed solar in our home and office, drive a hybrid car and have protected a large section of our property as Land for Wildlife. We bank with a local building society and we use Australian Ethical Investments for our superannuation, so our money can keep on working for good, even while we sleep!
Lexus 400H for photography
Australian Institute of Professional Photography


Perri is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). Alan is just as skilled, just too laid-back to get around to joining. But Perri shares everything she learns with him and they both adhere to the AIPP's Code of Professional Practice in all aspects of their photography and business activities.
If you'd like to see some of our other work, besides portraits and weddings, take a peek at our Vibrant Imaging site.
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